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Strikezone Mixed Martial Arts' Birthdays Give Parents a Unique Alternative to Traditional Birthday Parties

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They Get to Be a Ninja, You Get to Relax

Parties? At a Martial Arts School?

Hi, my name is Derek Riddick, owner & head instructor of Strikezone Mixed Martial Arts in Maple Shade, NJ. I want to clarify something: YES, we're a Martial Arts School. We normally teach Character Development, Self Defense Skills, and Life Lessons that transform young people into strong, self assured leaders.  But years and years ago, one of our life long students (the kind who's addicted to Martial arts, here everyday) asked if she could have her birthday at our school. We were honored to give it a shot. And let me tell you, that day, everyone found out that Martial Arts Birthday Parties are Awesome. 

Let me tell you why. In our regular classes, we've seen ultra-shy kids burst out of their shell, ADD and ADHD kids learn how to control themselves, socially awkward kids learn how to make and keep friends, and even helped special needs children find a place to fit in and feel accepted. At our Birthday Parties, this translates into a much different feel than your typical "purchased" birthday party. On this page, I'll tell you a little about our parties, and if you think it might be right for your child, you can enter your email to get a full price list (there are multiple options) and if you'd like, even schedule your party online. 

Set Up, Clean Up, Planning Activities, RSVPs, Booking a Location, and Still Making Sure Everyone has FUN?

Stressful, Right?

It seems like every year it's the same stress. Whether you're planning a birthday party at home or somewhere else, you face a MASSIVE amount of work.

  • Invitations

    Purchasing (or making) invitations and making sure they actually look good? Not easy!

  • RSVPs

    If you don’t know how many people are coming, it’s pretty hard to be prepared!

  • Set Up

    It’s your child’s birthday, and you’re supposed to spend all day setting up? Like your life isn’t busy enough…

  • Clean Up

    If there’s anything worse than setting up, it’s cleaning up! Kids are not the cleanest things around.

  • Thank You Notes

    Keeping track of who brought what and making sure they’re acknowledged is near impossible for parents at a B-day party.

  • Actual FUN

    In the midst of all of the stress and preparation, it’s supposed to be FUN! Planning games, making sure all the kids will be happy, making sure all of the PARENTS are happy…not easy.

But There's a Better Way!

We've specifically designed our parties to help parents either avoid or easily conquer these issues. We've had family after family tell us that not only was our party the most fun their kids have ever had, it was also the easiest. And that's our goal!

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Learn More About Our Parties, plus See Our Prices and Availability on the Next Page.

See Our Prices and Availability

Martial Arts Birthday Parties

From Start to Finish, Our Staff Has You Covered

  • Martial Arts Invitations

    We have super cool invitations that feature all of the relevant info that your guests will need.

  • Easy RSVPs and Thank You Cards

    We take care of the RSVPs and ensure that we’re ready for the proper number of guests. Plus, once the party is over, your guests will get a thank you note from us mentioning the gift that guest brought. Pretty cool right?

  • We're the Janitors too

    After the party you get to just walk out – leave the (huge) mess to us!

  • Total FUN!

    Your birthday child and guests will have an experience like they’ve never had with

Yeah. It's Seriously Cool!

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Birthday Party Reviews

We Think It's Great, But What About Regular Parents?

Suzi Danlag

Great facility, Great instruction, Great program for any age. My son will have gone from White belt to Black belt here. His athleticism, focus and inner self control have all improved through his involvement with Strike Zone. There's more here than a work out!

Suzi Danlag
Christina Marie

Can't say enough positive things about Strikezone and especially Mr. Riddick. He has been so patient with my young son during his training and I have watched my little one grow from the positivity.

Christina Marie

Our Parties are Martial Arts Parties

They'll Totally Love It

This isn't your average, run of the mill birthday party. In fact, your birthday child and their guests will actually get to learn REAL Martial Arts moves in a structured, safe environment. It's very, very cool.

Life Skills

At a Party?

Because we're a Martial Arts school, your child and their guests will be walking into a disciplined, structured, culture of success. Yes, we'll have a LOT of fun, but we'll be having fun BECAUSE the party has structure.

As much as kids want to think so, they don't actually have more fun running around like crazy. Our instructors know how to keep the kids engaged and excited, while making sure that they're not out of control (You've seen those crazy birthday parties where kids are just nuts? Not ours.)

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Learn More About Our Parties, plus See Our Prices and Availability on the Next Page.

See Our Prices and Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Guests do you allow?
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We have different packages that allow for different numbers of guests. On the next page we'll be able to show you each option, along with it's cost.

What all do you provide at the party?
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We provide all utensils, plates, napkins, forks, cups, water, tables, etc. Plus all of the decorations, games, activities, music, a REAL Martial Arts instructor....We really have it all worked out for you!

What about the cake?
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Most parents want to get their own cake for birthday boy or birthday girl, so we typically don't provide it. We can, if you'd like us to. We do however, provide all plates, napkins, forks, etc.

How do we reserve a party?
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Enter your email on this page, and you'll be sent to the next page where you can choose which party package you'd like. You'll then be able to pay a small deposit to secure your date.

This Could Be The Best Party Your Child Ever Has

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